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IIST aims to bring the vibrant global conversation on recent technological advances in the field of Science & Technology We believe that collaboration and diversity lead to the best results. By inviting bright minds with different perspectives, it is our ambition to enable not only an indepth exchange of Knowledge , but also to foster new projects and contribute to the ongoing Development in the field of Science & Technology . We see IIST as a platform for exchange and mutual inspiration .


Our main objectives are to improve educational programs and supervisory practices; to provide a stimulating, supportive and friendly forum for scholarly presentations; to identify and disseminate successful educational practices; and to foster skill development in research and evaluation methodologies: Organize Workshops/Seminars for upgradation and awareness of latest technologies. We pursue these objectives primarily through our research conferences.


To recognize scientific excellence and its application through the development and implementation of programs of merit based grants and awards for distinguished scientists and researchers.
To raise international awareness on the importance of scientific research and technology towards sustainable development.
To encourage basic research oriented to applications that address national development guidelines.
To enhance the writing and presentation ability of the scholars, researchers before the international community.
To help scholars, researchers to publish their findings in International Journal and Periodicals.

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