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Please contact the conference secretriate if you are interested in organizing a workshop or a special session. A one-page proposal with the following items is required. Workshops are intended to serve as an intensive collaborative forum for exchanging ideas and theories that are still in an evolutionary stage. We encourage prospective workshop organizers to submit their proposals focusing on either in-depth analysis or broad-ranging approaches to areas related to Engineering And Technology .

Workshop proposals should be submitted by e-mail to -

Submission Guidelines:
A workshop proposal should be one page long and should contain the following information:

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Topics
  • Format and duration
  • Organizers (please attach short CV for each organizer, limit of 2 pages each)
  • Type (academic and/or industrial) and a number of expected participants
  • Significance in relation to the topics of the conference
  • Details of any previous workshops.

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